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Last Updated: 27th Nov 2006


We offer a top quality tuning & race preparation service to the Motocross,
Road Racing, Karting, Super Moto and Sand Racing communities.
We have race experience, we listen, we can be a winning team.

Aprilia RS125 footrest kits
Take a look at these fantastic quality products we are now able to offer. Made for us by the engineering company responsible for all things precision CNC engineered at Hawk Kawasaki superbike team. Not only do they look great and are lighter than standard parts, but they have fully adjustable footrest mounting points too. We fitted these to our development bike and were amazed just how much better they made the bike feel. Mainly down to the fact that all pivot points are controlled by quality ball bearings, this cuts all unwanted side movement down making for a more precise gear change and braking effort.
All parts are readily available individually in the event of crash damage. We think, for this kind of grade A engineering, the modest price tag of 255 is great value. Kits in anodised colours are available to order approx 3 weeks. Please email us for details.

DynaPro Tuning
Here's how we can make a difference. Take a standard Aprilia RS125 2006
in unrestricted form, put it on our dyno, and this is the graph you get...
Check out this improvement on the JK Tuning Formula 125 bike, gained by a few finally fettled parts and fine attention to set up detail.

See the standard against the JK Tuning Formula 125 on a single chart...
Once again this year JK Tuning has established itself as one of the country's top performance establishments. Taking many race wins along with the ACU star championships won by the up and coming Jonathan Railton.

Aprilia RS125 engine kits

Due to our continued connection with the Aprilia superteen class and support of the 125 acu star production championships we are constantly asked to build and develop engines.Our tuning kits represent the best price performance we can lay our hands on.

Click the pics for more details

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